Brett Vaughn

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Sounds Like: Official M. Ward Page, Jeff Buckley, Fionn Regan, Sam Cooke Bio: Brett Vaughn is a Singer/Songwriter located in Athens, GA. He sings. He writes songs. Somehow the two go together.

Dead Confederate

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For the uninitiated, Dead Confederate is a five-piece rock band from Athens, GA whose music runs the gamut of infectious psychedelia to a uniquely southern and ferocious dirge. Although, placing labels on a band like this is rather pointless as their sound seems a constant and fluid evolution; they never seem content with abiding by the guides of one sub-genre, so maybe it's best we just leave it at "rock" for simplicity's sake. Dead Confederate, in name and sound, formed in 2006 in Atlanta, GA b... show more >


Easter Island

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Formed by brothers Ethan and Asher Payne in 2010, Easter Island creates panoramic, post-rock inspired dream pop. Behind the wall of towering drums, glassy guitars, and the forceful tide of synthesizers, hide soft-spoken melodies, tender harmonies, and understated musings on the subtle, yet visceral moments in life. Often compared to sonic pioneers of the 90s and 00s, Explosions In Sky, My Bloody Valentine, Pedro The Lion, and Sigur Rós, Easter Island makes no compromise to explore unknown sonic t... show more >


Grass Giraffes

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That grass giraffes is a funny family. If you’re thinking Parenthood, the Athens-based act would fit somewhere between Rick Moranis’ genius house and Steve Martin’s beastly brood. Odd couple eddie the wheel and Steven Trimmer have joined at the hip to form one of the most proficient songwriting duos this drowsy little town has seen in some years. When you throw in bassist Javier Morales, a trusted connoisseur known for his work with the Dream Scene, and drummer Bobby Casso, a hyperactive sixteen-... show more >


High Strung String Band

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High Strung String Band breathes new life into an old tradition. In some ways, the band pays homage to straight-ahead, traditional bluegrass: They flat-pick the guitar, play three-finger-style banjo, and belt out high vocal harmonies. But in other ways, High Strung String Band trades in tradition for surprise. Their bluegrass is part improvisation, part experimentation -- a form that thrives on original songs and unique arrangements. This makes High Strung String Band a reliable, yet unpredictabl... show more >


Kenosha Kid

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Currently developing songs/tunes/structures... surprisingly melodic... rhythmically diverse... improvised music that entertains... the blueprint is there, but many paths may be taken. People who like jazz like us, but people who hate jazz also like us. We take what we need from jazz, rock, country, pop, and any other music that catches our ears and meld it together. It's a vocabulary that grows and grows built around a core structure.


Mad Axes

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"....glitchy, sumptuous and nearly out of control, featuring synth-sick bass lines and ultra-computerized electro overtones that leap out of the headphones..." and ".....a glorious mess of snipped samples and whirling sound effects that feels both anachronistic and futuristic. Which is all really to say, there’s not really anyone doing what Mad Axes is doing, in Athens or beyond" flagpole “You think you're hard? You ain't nothing compared to Mad Axes” flagpole “the release is ground-breaking ... show more >


Mama's Love

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Mama’s Love is an American Rock band formed in Athens, Ga. in 2007. Like the town where the band resides, the sound is progressive with hints of classic tones. Live energetic shows, definitive song craftsmanship, and a genre-defying sound have formed the buzz that follows the Mama's Love experience. They maintain a strong sense of tradition in classic American music, while staying progressive with their improvisational segments and song structures. Catchy melodies, lyrical hooks, and layered h... show more >


Muuy Biien

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New Madrid

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Born from the rolling thunder of the Tennessee mountains, New Madrid is glad to now call Athens, GA home. The band, settled into a big red barn just outside of town, is taking the southeast by storm. Drawing heavy influence from alt-country and noise rock alike, these four young performers create captivating soundscapes that are simultaneously dense and expansive. With reverb-drenched vocal harmonies that soar over a lush and textured musical patchwork, New Madrid evolved seamlessly from bedroom ... show more >


Of Montreal

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Um like don't you know?


Patterson Hood

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Back in January 2011, worn out from having spent a year on tour and facing a new album’s release and another year spent mostly on a bus, away from the comforts of home and family, I decided to try to write a book. I had made a couple of stabs in that direction before (as well as a couple of screenplays) but had so far failed to complete one. The thing is, I love to write on the road. I write most every day out there. It’s usually not songs, as completing a song amid all of the noise, distractions... show more >


Pretty Bird

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Love 'em or hate 'em, over the past couple of years, the Birdhouse Collection has been responsible for some of the most vital and uncompromising music in Athens. From the sneering, propulsive art-punk of Muuy Biien to the subversive, retro-fi love-pop of K. Jared Collins' k i d s, the collective has spanned the stylistic gamut, existing largely in an intensely insular state, self-supportive and self-assured. It should come as no surprise, then, that its most vocal members are both brainy and b... show more >


The Barlettas

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Somewhere between The Band and The Beach Boys, alphabetically. The Barlettas began playing together in Newnan, GA in 2006. After several years and multiple member relocations, the band fully formed in Athens, GA in 2012 with its five core members: Michael Jefts, Cliff Cranford, Brady Carrington, Shane Beard, and Miller Andrews. With a whirlwind of soaring vocal harmonies, these five create a psychedelic blend of rock 'n' roll, honky tonk, traditional country, and cosmic American music.


The Modern Skirts

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Born of four hopeful rednecks and numerous misconceptions, Athens, Georgia’s Modern Skirts crept onto the scene in 2005 with its piano- laden debut record, "Catalogue of Generous Men". The record was very well received, landing at #11 on Paste Magazines’ 50 Best Albums of 2005. Pop Matters also praised the debut for its "impeccably structured, gorgeous pop". After some marginal touring success around the South and several sold out shows at Athens’ legendary 40 Watt Club, Modern Skirts took to ... show more >

The Whigs

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Athens, Georgia rockers the Whigs will release their fourth album, Enjoy the Company, on September 18th. Fans can get a preview of the record, which was produced by John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Drive-By Truckers, Hold Steady), here with the exclusive premiere of the track "Summer Heat." "That was about a friend of mine. We were out in a club last summer and he got thrown out of the bar, and it turned out he had an expired speeding ticket a couple of counties away, so they took him to jail," fron... show more >

The Woodgrains

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No gimmicks, just good old fashioned rock and roll. As a band, Nick Carroll, Dylan Crosby, and Evan Amburn pride themselves on distinct three-part harmonies and sounds of the golden days: folk, soul, rock 'n roll, and the psychedelic revolution. Classic instrumental arrangement and lyrical depth will both groove you and move you. Inviting sing-a-longs, dream-drifting jams, and powerful riffs will take listeners on a trip unlike any other.


Flagpole Music Awards Winners (June 2013):

Best Jazz/World: Kenosha Kid
Jam: Mama’s Love
Folk/Americana: Patterson Hood
Country/Bluegrass: High Strung String Band
Electronic/DJ: DJ Mahogany
Experimental: Pretty Bird
Pop: Easter Island
Punk/Hardcor: Muuy Biien
Heavy Rock: Dead Confederate
Rock: The Woodgrains
Hip Hop: Mad Axes
Cover Band: Abbey Road Live
Upstart: The Barlettas
Live: Of Montreal
Producer/Engineer: David Barbe
Cover Art: Grass Giraffes - “Transportation EP”
Album of the Year; New Madrid - “Yardboat”
Artist of the Year: New Madrid